Apr. 28th, 2017

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Well guys, this is an exciting day for me. . . It's my last day at my miserable job!!! No more having three hours of commute for each day I have to be in the office, no more being treated like I have no skills or use, no more being bored all day long because the boss won't let me have any work, and best of all, no more having everyone be mean to me, and for example, answer my friendly "good morning!" with a silent glare. OMG I've never been so happy to leave a job in my life. Good riddance!!! But of course, everything in life is worth it for some reason, and in this case, having a job that allowed two days of work-from-home per week and a decent paycheck meant I got to go to college. So, no regrets, but I am so incredibly thankful that this chapter of my life is over!!!

And now, I am SO EXCITED to be a programmer!!!!! However, I've decided that - unless I stumble upon the perfect job in the meantime - I'm going to take the next few months off. I've been doing 2-3 classes on top of full time work for four years now, and made lots of sacrifices and missed out on things, and I think I deserve a break! But by "break," what I really mean is that I'm going to spend the bulk of every day studying like mad to learn anything and everything I think I need that didn't get covered in school. For example, I learned Python in school, but not how to apply it to web development. In fact, we didn't do much at all with web development, and that's what I'd really love to focus on! So a while back, I started slowly teaching myself all the things I'd need, and over the past month or so, I've been picking up the pace. So far, I've been teaching myself JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, SQL, PHP, and even a bit of how to use Python with the Django framework. So now, I've got a pretty good base in these things, so I'm just practicing applying it all! I started out building the simplest little test runs but now my little test web sites are getting fancier and more fun, and it's all so very exciting!

So, for the next few months, I'm going to treat building web sites (and learning anything I need to along the way) as my full-time job. (Who knows, maybe I could even get my own little business going and not have to worry about getting a stuffy job somewhere! Wouldn't that be awesome?) And in my free time outside of "work," I'm going to get the last few downsizing/organizing projects in my house done, restore my weaving loom, spend time playing dress up with friends (especially pumped to see beloved old friends at JA Fest in July!) and, of course, sewing all the things (seriously, you can't even imagine how many works in progress I'm bouncing between right now, and I'm so excited about all of them)! Oh, and working on my dollhouse projects. And getting my new ball-jointed doll's face-up and outfit finished. And spending some time with my family. . .

Basically, I will not be bored. In fact, I'm never bored. I always have the opposite problem, of there never being enough time to do all the things I want to do!


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