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My Grandmother is officially able to pull herself out of bed and go to the bathroom without help, as of today!!! This is a huge step towards her being able to come home, and I am SO EXCITED because she is miserable being stuck in a nursing home. Hooray for progress! Meanwhile, Jenny has been giving the house a thorough cleaning, and Glenn has been doing some small home improvement tasks. So far, he's fixed a broken toilet, figured out how to get hot water in the little bathroom's shower, and put in a new mailbox. It should be all done up and welcoming by the time she gets home. :)

Everything else around here is still pretty much status quo. I'm still entertaining/chauffeuring Jenny and am exhausted by it, but there's only a week left, so - light at the end of the tunnel! Also, still applying for jobs and getting no positive results. But, I've started in on business analyst positions, so I think I should get some hits from that. I mean, I have eight years of BA experience, so that should put me in the running - especially with the healthcare industry jobs I applied for, since I've been in healthcare almost exclusively for twenty years!

I'm still plugging away at my Rhinebeck sweater. I started the sleeves this evening, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish in time. It would really need to be done by around Thursday evening, so I'd have time to block it, and I have volunteering at Plimoth tomorrow, and at least one Jenny day this week, so. . . We'll see! I also really need to work on my Rosie costume, and tried to this afternoon, but I felt discouraged by what I know is going to be a depressing fitting. Pants are just not a good idea for me these days, and I'm better off with a dress that fits the bust and then flows away. I'm just going to have to suck it up and power through it. At least I picked a dark color. . .

I know I haven't mentioned it lately, but I am still absolutely longing to be back in Scotland. I think about it literally every day, all throughout the day. I thought after a while it would start to fade, but I just really feel like I belong there, like it's where I need to be. Every time I see some picture or hear a story of it, I just feel totally heartsick. It's such an impossible dream, because Glenn will never go, but one can't help what the heart chooses to fall in love with, after all. *sigh*
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Just finished packing for JA Fest! Hair is washed, house is tidied, and I'm ready to go. . . Except for sewing! So much still to do. . .

But I did add ties to my petticoat so am hoping that solves the problem of dressing myself as far as petticoats go, and I packed my 95% finished blue bib-front dress, even though I've been told it is completely inaccurate because "nobody ever wore a solid color dress unless it was wool." Not sure how you actually can prove a wild statement like that, but whatever. Some people know everything about everything, you know? At any rate, I can get into this one myself, and I literally just need to add the bib-front and ties, hem the skirt, and it's done! My only concern is that I might be too hot in it, so I did also pack my old dotted swiss dress, even though I've worn it so many times, and also it is ridiculously tight. For the ball, I'm bringing the Wicked Puffy dress. And, of course, the mourning dress, which is still not done, eep! I had a horrendous headache for most of today and could not handle the math or logic surrounding pleats, so I tried to gather instead, and could not for the life of me do it without the thread knotting terribly in the middle. Ugh! So that dress is in two pieces in my bag, but I can make it work!

The day was not a total waste because I decided I would just do things that I could sit quietly and not really have to use too much brain power, with my head being all fuzzy from pain. So now I have two nearly-finished reticules, and a necklace to wear with my mourning dress! I also cut strips to bind the neckline of my second shift, but if I don't get around to that, I will just wash the other one in the sink Saturday night and hope it dries.

The only issues I really could not resolve were that my coral necklace has gone astray (and needs repairs anyhow), and I definitely don't have time to knot a new one, and I have no appropriate shoes to wear for the ball that won't leave me in horrendous pain. I thought perhaps my yellow shoes with the puff on them, which I used to wear for this era, but they are missing, and anyhow, I wore them in bad weather and they are stained now. So, I'll wear a more-sparkley-than-planned necklace for Saturday day, and I'll wear boots with my evening dress. At least the boots are pink? ;)

I'm not bringing my laptop so won't be posting again until after JA Fest. I will, however, be posting on my Instagram, and indeed, I've posted a picture of my newly made necklace there, and am far too tired and lazy to load it for posting here, sorry!

Anyhow. . . Off to catch a few hours of sleep before I get up ridiculously early to head to the airport!
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That's right, 2.5 sewing days left. . . And I have zero finished new items. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I'm making it sound bad, but joking aside, I have actually been making all kinds of progress. It's just that I'm bouncing around between projects so nothing is at 100%. Here's the current situation (and don't mind me while I sort of think-while-I-type, as much to organize my own thoughts as to share them with others, ha ha ha!)

Underpinnings: I have enough to survive! But ideally, I'd like to bind the neckline of the second shift, so that I can actually wear it, and I'd like to bind my stays. In the unlikely event that I have spare time, I'd finish my short stays, which are done except finishing setting in the gussets (and then binding them of course). I thought I would need new petticoats, but it turns out my old petticoats almost fit - close enough that I can just add new hooks/eyes on the VERY edges of the back and make do - and I think I don't need the black petticoat after all, because I rather like the look of my semi-sheer mourning dress over the white petticoat.

Saturday Day Ensemble: Okay, so this is the one I'm feeling a lack of confidence about. This is the dress that I'm doing some embroidery on, but it feels like, with everything else I'm working on, the embroidery just isn't going to get finished. (Well the embroidery was not going to be finished for this event anyhow, but now I'm thinking even my pared-down embroidery might not quite make it). So, I think I will have to wear my old dotted swiss dress, which is unfortunate because I've gained back almost all the weight I lost shortly before I wore it last time, so I suspect it is going to be a very tight squeeze! Accessory-wise, I'm on track to actually have some! I'm particularly excited about the reticule, which started life as a sample for the embroidered dress. So, even if I don't get my embroidered dress, I get the matching reticule, at least!

Saturday Ball Ensemble: My original plan was the Fig Leaf 220 dress in shot green silk taffeta, but I set that plan aside ages ago, and planned to wear the embroidered day dress, but just switch out the accessories. However, not having the embroidered dress means I need a different one for the ball! I have the Wicked Puffy dress I made a while back, but again, I feel like that's not likely to fit, especially since the sleeves were already a close fit, and recently I've had an issue with even some of t-shirt sleeves being too tight. (Note to self: Get back on track with the Weight Watchers!!!!!) So my current plan is to finish off a UFO I found in my UFO bin. It's a simple dress in a white voile with subtle white and metallic silver stripes, and it just needs the skirts joined to the waistband, cuffs or hems on the bottom of the sleeve, and a hem on the skirt. (For once, it's a blessing that I left it partially unfinished, because now I don't have the issue with the sleeves being too snug!) Other than the dress, I just need to do one other thing, and that's replace some buttons on my long gloves, but that's a quick job! I might go ahead and make a new necklace for this ensemble, if time allows, but if not, I do have things I could wear, so it's not really important.

Sunday Ensemble: I think I'm most excited about this one, out of everything, and indeed have been spending the most non-embroidery time on it! The dress is in great shape, needing only sleeves and skirts (and that's what I'll be working on right after I post this!) That probably sounds like a lot, but skirt seams are fast, and the sleeves are already patterned and ready to cut out and go. . . The bodice was the time-consuming thing as I carefully finished all the seams due to the semi-sheer nature of the fabric, combined with my intention to wear it over a white petticoat! Trimmings for the dress are up in the air. I was more or less planning to assemble it and then see what I have left for fabric and what I felt like doing - and/or what I have time for! Also I have some accessories that are almost done. I need to make a necklace, and I really want a bonnet but I think that's not going to happen! I'll see how everything else goes today and tomorrow. . .

Miscellaneous: I have a chemisette that just needs a ruffle, and figure I'll just wear that for both day ensembles. I have two parasols, and plan to just use them as is, even though they're crappy synthetic costume parasols. They are on the list to someday cover, but I just don't feel like trying to do that in this short amount of time. All the snotty costumers can judge me all they want, but I'm using them because I care more about protecting myself from the sun than I do what snotty costumers think of me. ;)

I think that's pretty much it! I do have to try on my stockings to make sure I'm not too fat even for those, but I'm not too worried because I think I read that there is at least one seller who will have stockings, and even if not, oh well, I'll be bare-legged! Oh, and I'm not sure what to wear for shoes for the ball, because my old-lady-foot-problems mean I have had to give up cheap ballet flats. I guess I'll probably just have to wear my boots, which will look silly, but oh well! I'd rather have the wrong-looking shoe than be crippled with pain for the rest of the trip. And I mean, in real life they are jazz dance shoes, so actually they're a good choice for a dance, right? ;)

The only other thing I might do, which is incredibly crazy, is to cut out another dress and make it on Friday, on planes/in the airport while waiting for the connecting flight. It really just depends on how the mourning dress turns out, and if I'm as happy with the fit as I think I am (based on the mock-up). If so, I'll cut out a day dress and give it a go. It only took me a few hours to make the mourning dress bodice, and the fabric I'm thinking of for the second dress is not sheer, so it should go even faster because I can just leave it unfinished inside and worry about that some other day. I could maybe even cheat and machine sew the skirt seams before I go, to save time. I don't know. We'll see how crazy I'm feeling (and also how many other things I think I can get done end up needing to be taken with me and worked on)!

I haven't had this much fun driving myself crazy with last-minute sewing insanity in a long time. ;)
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First, I'd like to quote my post from earlier today:

"This one I know for sure I received, because I recall washing it so it would be ready to go."

Now, may I present you with the following:

Which is to say, I found the fabric! But it is definitely not pre-washed! I gave up on ever finding it, and went on to order more, but just couldn't bring myself to spend another $30 when I have no income right now, and have two trips coming up, plus unexpected vet bill madness (more on that some other day, because if I delve into it now, I'll have a panic attack). So I said to myself, just forget it. I'll wear a white petticoat and that will be that. Not more than three minutes later, I decided to look at those two fabrics I had not yet pre-washed, that were still in plastic. . . Ha ha ha ha ha OMG what is wrong with me!!!
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Well my embroidery is flying along, but I did hit a bit of a snag. . . See, I've actually been planning this dress for a while, and had ordered the threads for it back in May. At the time, when I received the threads, I was annoyed when I looked at all my greens that the darkest one just didn't seem quite dark enough. Why didn't they make a darker green?!? I embroidered a sample using what I had, and it was pretty good, but I still wished the darkest green could have been a hair darker.

Yesterday, I was sorting the greens on a thread organizer, since I'm ready to start on them, and I suddenly realized I didn't have the full range of colors that I ordered. There should have been a half dozen shades, but I had only five. What was missing? Yup, the darkest green! ARGH! I don't want to blame it on the place I ordered from and claim they didn't put it in my order, but also, all the colors for this project have been in a big zip lock since the moment the threads arrived. When I started the sample I made, I took the colors I wanted and put them directly in a small zip lock, but still kept the two together. And also, I'm insanely paranoid and never leave so much as a scrap of thread laying around because Woody consumes thread. Not licks it, not chews it, but swallows it, and it's very dangerous so I'm paranoid and never take a chance. So it seems unlikely that I received it and misplaced it somehow. However, I did go through my embroidery drawer, just in case. No luck. It would be my own fault even if they did leave it out of my order, because I should have been on point with checking to make sure everything was received.

At any rate, I went back to the shop I ordered from and ordered the missing color. I got an email shortly thereafter that it is out of stock. Of course! So I am trying to cancel that and meanwhile found it on eBay. I hate buying anything like this from eBay because you never know if it is going to show up smelling like cigarettes, wood stoves, perfume - all things I've personally experienced in my eBay adventures, by the way! But, I'm desperate, and I feel like eBay sellers are typically quicker to ship, where small business craft supply shops tend to take days or even weeks to pack up even the smallest of orders. It says it is supposed to arrive on or before 7/11. That really doesn't leave me much time, especially considering that I can't assemble half the bodice/sleeves until the embroidery is done! But I'll just do the best I can to work around that color and get everything else done, and if it seems like it's not showing up, I'll use the lighter shade, even though it will bother me forever, ugh. It's all so annoying because I ordered these threads well ahead of time!

In other news. . .

I am also missing the black cotton for my petticoat for the mourning ensemble. This one I know for sure I received, because I recall washing it so it would be ready to go. However, it was not on my fabric shelves where it belongs, nor was it on the little tower of "things I'm working on for JA Fest." I even went spelunking into the depths of my sewing room closet in case I stuffed it in there (even though I know I didn't), and of course, turned up nothing. I know I washed it with a bunch of red and dark colored small kitty blankets, so I'm wondering if I folded it up in one of those. It was only a few yards and a very lightweight cotton, while the kitty blankets are typically puffy, staticky numbers, so it's entirely possible. But still. . . This is also annoying, because I also planned well ahead of time for this as well!

Honestly, sometimes I think it was better when I just ordered things at the last minute, because there is very obviously a black hole in my sewing room, and/or mischievous elves who enjoy hiding things. . .
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Well, I've cut out the actual dress for my Saturday dress, and partially assembled it. . . And have begun embroidering it. . .

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Last week was an insanely busy week for me with vet and doctor appointments, among other things, so progress was not as fast as I'd hoped, but I did get a little something done!

Here is an almost-finished shift. I need to hem the bottom (setting that aside for now because I'll be going to a cookout this week, and hems are a great thing to take along) and bind the neck (which means figuring out what fabric I used for this and I'm really not sure where I put it!) Such a relief to have a second shift, for me as well as anyone I may see at JA Fest. . . You're welcome for making a second shift so I don't stink to high heaven and therefore become utterly unpleasant to hang around with! ;)

Also, I had a bit of a birthday miracle! I decided not to waste time using ready-made patterns which are generally crafted for boobless, anorexic people, and decided to just draft my own pattern, as I have a good idea these days of how pattern pieces should look to fit over my unwieldy body. So, I gave it a go. . . And it worked on the first try, with just minor tweaks to the length of the bodice! And it's the style that has the shoulder strap, bodice front, and side back all cut in one single piece!

So today, I'll be drafting the sleeves to go with this bodice, and then starting the actual dress. Hooray!

Also, I looked over my planned projects for JA Fest and it was just a little too crazy, even for me. ;) I decided I don't actually need to dress up for Friday shopping, and that my dress for Saturday day could just have the undersleeves removed and accessories changed out and become my ball dress for that evening. So actually, I just need two dresses - this one for Saturday, and the mourning dress for Sunday. And they can both use this awesome bodice pattern as their base. So great! I feel super confidant that I can get these both done in the next two weeks, and think I might even have time for one or two small accessories.

Okay, enough blogging for now, and back to the sewing!
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I don't really understand where all my sewing time has gone, and how it's now three weeks from Jane Austen Fest! But then again, I look around my sewing room and there has been actual progress, it's just that I've been spreading myself too thin and so have lots of patterns, drafts, and pieces of things, instead of having finished things that I can look at and say, "there is where my time went!" The good news is, I have three back-up dresses (one evening and one day that are done, and another day that is at like 90%), finished stays (well okay they are not bound but when have I ever bound a corset/stays before at least three wearings?), one shift (and I could wear my late 18c shift as a second shift if I just pin or baste the sleeves up to be shorter), two bonnets, lots of reticules, and all the stockings/shoes I need. So I know I'll be okay, but. . .

Do you think I can make three dresses (already been through initial patterning/fitting on all two and ready for second draft/fitting on two of them today), a bonnet (already patterned), a reticule (already patterned), a shift (already cut out), and short stays (like 80% done) in three weeks? It sounds insane but with the patternings/fittings already well under way, and that tending to be what takes me forever. . . It just seems like maybe I could do it. Next week, I have a bunch of "real life" things to do, but today through Friday, I actually have an open schedule (aside from the usual housekeeping and daily programming study, of course!) So let's see what I can do with three days. . . I'll report back here daily because that will hopefully keep me focused on the sewing instead of falling down the rabbit hole of programming fun, which is a hazard I face now that school introduced me to all kinds of programming languages and adventures! A good problem to have, but just not when JA Fest is three weeks away. . . ;)


Jun. 19th, 2017 04:52 pm
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(Cross-posted from my Blogspot blog. . .)

I graduated!!! And with High Honors, at that. So very exciting! I'm now in the middle of a couple of months break between careers, as I fill in what I feel were gaps in my education with online classes, as well as spend some time seeing friends and family I have not seen in a while due to putting full-time-work-plus-school on top for the past four years. I even have a costume adventure coming up: Jane Austen Fest in Louisville!

But first, I want to share this dress that I made for my graduation. I had stumbled onto this cool fabric that has a green and silver binary print on a black ground. My school colors are green and white, and my degree is programming/computer science, so how perfect is this?!? I also love that the print is very small, so it's not too tacky. Just the right amount of themed fun! (And, bonus puffy kitty tail!)

I decided I just wanted a very simple sleeveless dress, both because I was concerned about overheating, what with wearing a polyester robe in June, and because I want to be able to wear it in my everyday life post-graduation. I decided to go with Simplicity 1652, which is a princess-seamed dress from the "Amazing Fit" line, which means the pattern pieces are already adjusted for various cup sizes. Unfortunately, the cup sizes weren't quite large enough for me. Fortunately, I finally got over my fear of the dreaded FBA! In the end, I don't know why I was so afraid of it. It's ridiculously simple, and worked out right on the first try!

After that, making the dress was a piece of cake. Of course, I was down to the wire with it, doing most of the construction the day before, with some last minute touches (including remembering I had to have a pocket, so unpicking the skirt side seam and putting one in!) the morning of. But being me, I still managed to line it, of course! I chose a bright green, because colorful linings are fun!

After graduation, Glenn suggested we "go out to eat" but when I got home, I discovered that a big surprise party had been put together for me! It included a fabulous cake that looked like a circuit board!

Also, there were lots of funny, cute decorations that my Mom put together, like these little silverware pockets!

The award for best gift-wrap job goes to Sydney. She even got the tassel color right!

It was such a perfect day. Thank you to everyone who made it a special, memorable day for me!

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Well guys, this is an exciting day for me. . . It's my last day at my miserable job!!! No more having three hours of commute for each day I have to be in the office, no more being treated like I have no skills or use, no more being bored all day long because the boss won't let me have any work, and best of all, no more having everyone be mean to me, and for example, answer my friendly "good morning!" with a silent glare. OMG I've never been so happy to leave a job in my life. Good riddance!!! But of course, everything in life is worth it for some reason, and in this case, having a job that allowed two days of work-from-home per week and a decent paycheck meant I got to go to college. So, no regrets, but I am so incredibly thankful that this chapter of my life is over!!!

And now, I am SO EXCITED to be a programmer!!!!! However, I've decided that - unless I stumble upon the perfect job in the meantime - I'm going to take the next few months off. I've been doing 2-3 classes on top of full time work for four years now, and made lots of sacrifices and missed out on things, and I think I deserve a break! But by "break," what I really mean is that I'm going to spend the bulk of every day studying like mad to learn anything and everything I think I need that didn't get covered in school. For example, I learned Python in school, but not how to apply it to web development. In fact, we didn't do much at all with web development, and that's what I'd really love to focus on! So a while back, I started slowly teaching myself all the things I'd need, and over the past month or so, I've been picking up the pace. So far, I've been teaching myself JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, SQL, PHP, and even a bit of how to use Python with the Django framework. So now, I've got a pretty good base in these things, so I'm just practicing applying it all! I started out building the simplest little test runs but now my little test web sites are getting fancier and more fun, and it's all so very exciting!

So, for the next few months, I'm going to treat building web sites (and learning anything I need to along the way) as my full-time job. (Who knows, maybe I could even get my own little business going and not have to worry about getting a stuffy job somewhere! Wouldn't that be awesome?) And in my free time outside of "work," I'm going to get the last few downsizing/organizing projects in my house done, restore my weaving loom, spend time playing dress up with friends (especially pumped to see beloved old friends at JA Fest in July!) and, of course, sewing all the things (seriously, you can't even imagine how many works in progress I'm bouncing between right now, and I'm so excited about all of them)! Oh, and working on my dollhouse projects. And getting my new ball-jointed doll's face-up and outfit finished. And spending some time with my family. . .

Basically, I will not be bored. In fact, I'm never bored. I always have the opposite problem, of there never being enough time to do all the things I want to do!
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Fair warning: This post will have nothing to do with sewing. It's 100% computer nerding. But, I had a moment today, and I had to share it with someone, or at least document it somewhere, because it was a triumphant!

As school is coming to a close, and my job as well, I've been started to get super stressed out about my career future. I obviously want a job in programming, but the thing is, I felt like school did not prepare me for even the crappiest of programming jobs. I'd looked at job postings before, but always become overwhelmed because I felt like everybody wants 10 years of experience and knowledge of languages/frameworks/etc. some of which I've never even heard of! I did learn a good handful of languages, but no frameworks, never applied to web development (what I want to do), and definitely didn't learn all the languages I'd need for anything! So, I've been feeling like there's this huge gap between graduation and employability, and wondering if I was going to end up in another crap job like the one I have - or perhaps even worse! Which, of course, led me to begin questioning if school had been worth that. All that money, all that time, all that sacrifice. . .

Well, today I sat down and combed through a huge number of job postings, analyzing what was being asked for and for what different job titles, and what I distilled from this was that the gap I felt existed between my current knowledge and what I'd need for a job was actually not all the great. In fact, to become a front-end developer, I was missing only JavaScript, and to become a full-stack developer, if I focused on Python/Django, I needed only experience actually applying Python to web sites, and JavaScript again. (Of course, I'm not talking about readiness for a senior level position, but rather, what I'd need to feel like I could shoot for an entry-level job). Since JavaScript was the common theme, I decided to focus on that.

The funny thing about JavaScript is that, back when I started learning to make web sites (so, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and there was only HTML, because CSS hadn't been invented yet), I remember hearing about JavaScript and how it was for computer geniuses. Everywhere I turned, I was being warned about how hard and scary JS is, and that I should just find existing code and copy/paste it if there was a JS feature I wanted. I remember looking up some JS code and thinking, they are right, this is jibberish and I would never be able to learn this at all!

Fast forward to today. . . I learned the basics of JavaScript in under 30 minutes!!! I'm not kidding you. I literally burned through the tutorial videos on super fast speed, skipping chunks of it, and completely nailed the test at the end because that's all it took. It was a complete cakewalk. I was dumbfounded. I mean, I'd always heard that once you learn one of the heavy hitters like Java, other languages would likely be pretty easy to grasp. I definitely think that each new language I learned in school was a bit less painful than the one before it, but being in a college class environment means your pace is controlled by the dates on the syllabus, so I hadn't experimented with learning a language at my own pace since starting school (excepting upgrading to HTML5/CSS3, which doesn't count). So, the revelation of how far I have come since that first day in Intro to Software Design & Development was eye-opening! (I will note, however, that JavaScript had a similar feel to me that Java did, and some syntax was actually identical. This is hilarious because the two languages have nothing to do with each other, except for happening to have a similarity in their name!)

Anyhow, long story short, I am no longer questioning if school was worth it; it unquestionably was worth every struggle, tear, and dollar! And, although I need to get a feel for applying my newly attained JS knowledge, and there are still lots of other things I want and need to learn to become a better web developer and be more desirable to would-be employers, I feel like I'm ready to start applying. I feel like I finally have enough foundation in the right things to be able to say, I'm definitely entry-level, but I can definitely do this - and have total confidence in saying that! And in general, I have confidence. Today is the first day I have ever been able to truthfully say that about myself and programming.

So, today was a red-letter day. How shall I celebrate? Why, by staying up with the owls, and applying my newly-acquired JavaScript skills, of course!
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Hello, peeps! I'm jennil from LJ, and have had this Dreamwidth account for a while, but only just now posting for the first time, because apparently many of my LJ peeps have moved over here. I'll be cross-posting to my LJ/here for a bit, and seeing how that goes. . . And, to begin, here's my catch-up post that I just posted over on my LJ. . .

I've been a HORRIBLE blogger, and honestly, not all that much sewing has been going on for oh, I don't know, like four years, thanks to school. . . But guess what? I'm graduating!!!!! There are only five weeks left of classes! I'm so excited, I can't even! I can now program in Java, C++, and Python! Also I did an independent study on building Android Apps but I didn't learn as much as I'd like to have, thanks to having been forced to use a horrible book, but at some point I'll noodle around with some on classes and give that a go. But my focus after school - and actually, now, since I'm at a point where the Apps work is done and the Python work nearly so - will be to fill in the gaps in my knowledge such that I can build amazing web sites. To that end, I'm learning to use Python on the Django framework, and simultaneously learning JavaScript and PHP. I already know HTML/CSS, so at least there's that. I am a total coding junkie now, you guys!!! How did this even happen to me? I know it started out with an idea for a web site I want to build (which I am starting to build, at last, woo!!!!!) and I thought "I'll just take a class or two at the local community college" and somehow that turned into "I'm graduating in less than two months." BANANAS.

Anyhow. Sewing! Yay! As mentioned, most of my life for the past four years has been about school (and work, as usual), but I have managed to squeak some sewing in, too! And now that I'm done with the bulk of my school work, I'm getting to devote more time to fun things, and that fun time is getting split between programming for fun, and making things. I've been project hopping between making some BJD clothing (for a gentleman friend for Charlotte!), assorted little things for my dollhouse that I'm finally doing up properly now that I'm a "grown up" (HA), and then as far as costumes go, I've been totally focused on the 18th century, and have several projects I'm super excited to share about, but want them to get to a slightly more finished state before I do! But also, I'm shortly to at least partially shift my focus to Regency, because I'm going to Jane Austen Fest in Kentucky this year! Hooray! So I've been having a look through my Regency costume items, figuring out what fits and what doesn't (I'm in the process of losing a bunch of weight so some old favorites are beginning to be wearable again!) and where I'd like to add a new item or two. Fun stuff!

So, with school winding down, I feel like everything is becoming sane again. I'm remembering what life used to be like, when, after work, I could do whatever I wanted, and not have to worry about due dates and exams! As part of this reminiscing, I've been so missing the good old days of doing lots of chattering with you all here on LJ, and have been trying to figure out how I can bring that back into my life. I think what I'm going to try is popping in now and then with updates on my works-in-progress, and reserve my Blogspot for finished items (which it kind of already is, anyhow!) I even added a link to LJ right in the main bookmarks bar of my browser, so I'll see it every morning. Here's to hoping I can do a better job of keeping in touch, because I've missed you guys!
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