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Just finished packing for JA Fest! Hair is washed, house is tidied, and I'm ready to go. . . Except for sewing! So much still to do. . .

But I did add ties to my petticoat so am hoping that solves the problem of dressing myself as far as petticoats go, and I packed my 95% finished blue bib-front dress, even though I've been told it is completely inaccurate because "nobody ever wore a solid color dress unless it was wool." Not sure how you actually can prove a wild statement like that, but whatever. Some people know everything about everything, you know? At any rate, I can get into this one myself, and I literally just need to add the bib-front and ties, hem the skirt, and it's done! My only concern is that I might be too hot in it, so I did also pack my old dotted swiss dress, even though I've worn it so many times, and also it is ridiculously tight. For the ball, I'm bringing the Wicked Puffy dress. And, of course, the mourning dress, which is still not done, eep! I had a horrendous headache for most of today and could not handle the math or logic surrounding pleats, so I tried to gather instead, and could not for the life of me do it without the thread knotting terribly in the middle. Ugh! So that dress is in two pieces in my bag, but I can make it work!

The day was not a total waste because I decided I would just do things that I could sit quietly and not really have to use too much brain power, with my head being all fuzzy from pain. So now I have two nearly-finished reticules, and a necklace to wear with my mourning dress! I also cut strips to bind the neckline of my second shift, but if I don't get around to that, I will just wash the other one in the sink Saturday night and hope it dries.

The only issues I really could not resolve were that my coral necklace has gone astray (and needs repairs anyhow), and I definitely don't have time to knot a new one, and I have no appropriate shoes to wear for the ball that won't leave me in horrendous pain. I thought perhaps my yellow shoes with the puff on them, which I used to wear for this era, but they are missing, and anyhow, I wore them in bad weather and they are stained now. So, I'll wear a more-sparkley-than-planned necklace for Saturday day, and I'll wear boots with my evening dress. At least the boots are pink? ;)

I'm not bringing my laptop so won't be posting again until after JA Fest. I will, however, be posting on my Instagram, and indeed, I've posted a picture of my newly made necklace there, and am far too tired and lazy to load it for posting here, sorry!

Anyhow. . . Off to catch a few hours of sleep before I get up ridiculously early to head to the airport!
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