Jul. 6th, 2017

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Well my embroidery is flying along, but I did hit a bit of a snag. . . See, I've actually been planning this dress for a while, and had ordered the threads for it back in May. At the time, when I received the threads, I was annoyed when I looked at all my greens that the darkest one just didn't seem quite dark enough. Why didn't they make a darker green?!? I embroidered a sample using what I had, and it was pretty good, but I still wished the darkest green could have been a hair darker.

Yesterday, I was sorting the greens on a thread organizer, since I'm ready to start on them, and I suddenly realized I didn't have the full range of colors that I ordered. There should have been a half dozen shades, but I had only five. What was missing? Yup, the darkest green! ARGH! I don't want to blame it on the place I ordered from and claim they didn't put it in my order, but also, all the colors for this project have been in a big zip lock since the moment the threads arrived. When I started the sample I made, I took the colors I wanted and put them directly in a small zip lock, but still kept the two together. And also, I'm insanely paranoid and never leave so much as a scrap of thread laying around because Woody consumes thread. Not licks it, not chews it, but swallows it, and it's very dangerous so I'm paranoid and never take a chance. So it seems unlikely that I received it and misplaced it somehow. However, I did go through my embroidery drawer, just in case. No luck. It would be my own fault even if they did leave it out of my order, because I should have been on point with checking to make sure everything was received.

At any rate, I went back to the shop I ordered from and ordered the missing color. I got an email shortly thereafter that it is out of stock. Of course! So I am trying to cancel that and meanwhile found it on eBay. I hate buying anything like this from eBay because you never know if it is going to show up smelling like cigarettes, wood stoves, perfume - all things I've personally experienced in my eBay adventures, by the way! But, I'm desperate, and I feel like eBay sellers are typically quicker to ship, where small business craft supply shops tend to take days or even weeks to pack up even the smallest of orders. It says it is supposed to arrive on or before 7/11. That really doesn't leave me much time, especially considering that I can't assemble half the bodice/sleeves until the embroidery is done! But I'll just do the best I can to work around that color and get everything else done, and if it seems like it's not showing up, I'll use the lighter shade, even though it will bother me forever, ugh. It's all so annoying because I ordered these threads well ahead of time!

In other news. . .

I am also missing the black cotton for my petticoat for the mourning ensemble. This one I know for sure I received, because I recall washing it so it would be ready to go. However, it was not on my fabric shelves where it belongs, nor was it on the little tower of "things I'm working on for JA Fest." I even went spelunking into the depths of my sewing room closet in case I stuffed it in there (even though I know I didn't), and of course, turned up nothing. I know I washed it with a bunch of red and dark colored small kitty blankets, so I'm wondering if I folded it up in one of those. It was only a few yards and a very lightweight cotton, while the kitty blankets are typically puffy, staticky numbers, so it's entirely possible. But still. . . This is also annoying, because I also planned well ahead of time for this as well!

Honestly, sometimes I think it was better when I just ordered things at the last minute, because there is very obviously a black hole in my sewing room, and/or mischievous elves who enjoy hiding things. . .
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First, I'd like to quote my post from earlier today:

"This one I know for sure I received, because I recall washing it so it would be ready to go."

Now, may I present you with the following:

Which is to say, I found the fabric! But it is definitely not pre-washed! I gave up on ever finding it, and went on fabric.com to order more, but just couldn't bring myself to spend another $30 when I have no income right now, and have two trips coming up, plus unexpected vet bill madness (more on that some other day, because if I delve into it now, I'll have a panic attack). So I said to myself, just forget it. I'll wear a white petticoat and that will be that. Not more than three minutes later, I decided to look at those two fabrics I had not yet pre-washed, that were still in plastic. . . Ha ha ha ha ha OMG what is wrong with me!!!


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