Jun. 21st, 2017

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I don't really understand where all my sewing time has gone, and how it's now three weeks from Jane Austen Fest! But then again, I look around my sewing room and there has been actual progress, it's just that I've been spreading myself too thin and so have lots of patterns, drafts, and pieces of things, instead of having finished things that I can look at and say, "there is where my time went!" The good news is, I have three back-up dresses (one evening and one day that are done, and another day that is at like 90%), finished stays (well okay they are not bound but when have I ever bound a corset/stays before at least three wearings?), one shift (and I could wear my late 18c shift as a second shift if I just pin or baste the sleeves up to be shorter), two bonnets, lots of reticules, and all the stockings/shoes I need. So I know I'll be okay, but. . .

Do you think I can make three dresses (already been through initial patterning/fitting on all two and ready for second draft/fitting on two of them today), a bonnet (already patterned), a reticule (already patterned), a shift (already cut out), and short stays (like 80% done) in three weeks? It sounds insane but with the patternings/fittings already well under way, and that tending to be what takes me forever. . . It just seems like maybe I could do it. Next week, I have a bunch of "real life" things to do, but today through Friday, I actually have an open schedule (aside from the usual housekeeping and daily programming study, of course!) So let's see what I can do with three days. . . I'll report back here daily because that will hopefully keep me focused on the sewing instead of falling down the rabbit hole of programming fun, which is a hazard I face now that school introduced me to all kinds of programming languages and adventures! A good problem to have, but just not when JA Fest is three weeks away. . . ;)


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