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Last week was an insanely busy week for me with vet and doctor appointments, among other things, so progress was not as fast as I'd hoped, but I did get a little something done!

Here is an almost-finished shift. I need to hem the bottom (setting that aside for now because I'll be going to a cookout this week, and hems are a great thing to take along) and bind the neck (which means figuring out what fabric I used for this and I'm really not sure where I put it!) Such a relief to have a second shift, for me as well as anyone I may see at JA Fest. . . You're welcome for making a second shift so I don't stink to high heaven and therefore become utterly unpleasant to hang around with! ;)

Also, I had a bit of a birthday miracle! I decided not to waste time using ready-made patterns which are generally crafted for boobless, anorexic people, and decided to just draft my own pattern, as I have a good idea these days of how pattern pieces should look to fit over my unwieldy body. So, I gave it a go. . . And it worked on the first try, with just minor tweaks to the length of the bodice! And it's the style that has the shoulder strap, bodice front, and side back all cut in one single piece!

So today, I'll be drafting the sleeves to go with this bodice, and then starting the actual dress. Hooray!

Also, I looked over my planned projects for JA Fest and it was just a little too crazy, even for me. ;) I decided I don't actually need to dress up for Friday shopping, and that my dress for Saturday day could just have the undersleeves removed and accessories changed out and become my ball dress for that evening. So actually, I just need two dresses - this one for Saturday, and the mourning dress for Sunday. And they can both use this awesome bodice pattern as their base. So great! I feel super confidant that I can get these both done in the next two weeks, and think I might even have time for one or two small accessories.

Okay, enough blogging for now, and back to the sewing!
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